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If you’re looking for an intensive course, then KCP is the place to go! Although it was hard work, it was also a lot of fun and I’m very pleased with my current language skill – and I’ve only just finished Level 1! Going out with the class for a final dinner really showed me how much we’d learnt as we had no problems in conveying our feelings even though our only common language was Japanese. I’d come back in a heartbeat.

—Aleya Thompson

Pair work was definitely helpful, all the textbooks we used were really helpful as well. The way that Minna no Nihongo is formatted really helps students grasp how to use new grammar and how to correctly use it.

—Brian Bergquist


Get a better picture of KCP students on various learning adventures; from classroom activities to visits to historical sites. Also, get a glimpse of the dorm/homestay life, and the KCP campus and neighborhood.

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Finding your way around Japan and the KCP neighborhood is much easier with a map. For your convenience, here are some to help guide you as you travel. Be sure to check out our virtual tour of the KCP building — a great introduction to our learning space.

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Read the writings of KCP students who share their travels, learnings and everything else from their stay in Japan.

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Do all the homework given. Study a lot for the grammar and kanji tests. There is a way to study and have fun around Tokyo at the same time even in the 8 week program.

Evangelina from Summer Short 2019

I really like the style in teaching the language for the most part. Having to learn kanji has helped me retain a lot and being forced to speak Japanese on a daily basis also helped me grow in conversation and application of Japanese. I can’t think of anything that seemed the least interesting and productive since most of what was taught, I thought it was really important.

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The program is very well organized and worth the investment.

Cristina from 2014

Club activities and extracurricular events (such as the Cooking class) were most fun for me, as they allowed a chance to practice and enforce concepts taught in class while still enjoying the activities.

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