How do I use the postal mailing service in Japan?

Post offices are marked by a symbol that resembles a red T with a bar across the top.

Post boxes have two slots. The slot with the red sign is for domestic mail, and the one with the blue sign is for all other mail, including international mail. Regular airmail between Japan and the U.S. usually takes about a week to arrive.

Item Destination Cost
Post card any international location ¥70
Aerogram or letter (<10 grams) other Asian countries ¥90
Aerogram or letter (<10 grams) North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe ¥110
Aerogram or letter (<10 grams) Africa, South America ¥130

The phone number for the postal mailing service is 0120-085420 (English, toll-free). It is open weekdays, 8:30 to 18:00.