What kinds of social events does KCP organize where students can experience Japanese social life?

Of course, “social life” is not just a matter of having a party or an activity. It is an ongoing, complex, ever-changing dynamic. You can derive some social life through your host family experience; or living in a dorm with other young people helps too. You need to be patient, and sometimes an active social life means giving up your preconceptions to consider the traditions Japanese live by.

Regular events that we enjoy at KCP include Sports Day, Hina-matsuri, Ohanami (cherry appreciation), Children’s Day, Tanabata, seasonal festivals, speech contests, and so on. KCP provides excursions and activities for American students, as well as excursions and informal school events. KCP staff organize all types of events—journeys (long and short), music lessons, tea ceremonies, cookouts, park picnics, cooking lessons, performances (both watching and taking part), and so on. They are also open to ideas.

Most students move rapidly into organizing outings with their new friends as well. The key is to make the effort to be friendly. Virtually all students who do so, leave the program having made many very good friends from other places with whom they stay in contact.