How do I make a call?

in Japan

Japanese telephone numbers consist of an area code, a local code, and the number. You do not have to dial the area code when making a call within the area where you are.


03          area code

3356      local code

7752      actual phone number


FROM JAPAN TO the U.S. or Canada

To make an international call, dial the international operator (011 in the U.S.), international prefix, country code, area code, and number.  The U.S. and Canada have the additional long-distance prefix of 1.


001                   international operator (in Japan)

010                    U.S./Canada country code

1-360-555-1212   actual phone number


from the U.S. or Canada to Japan

This is useful for your family and friends to call you.

Dial the international operator (011 in the U.S.), then the country code, area code, and number. The Japanese country code is 81, so a Japanese phone number called from the U.S. becomes 011-81-3-3356-7752. (Japanese area code: outside Japan, you don’t need to dial the 0 before the area code, so area code 03 is dialed as simply 3.)

011                  international operator (in U.S.)

81                    Japanese country code

3-3356-7752      Japanese phone number (no need for leading 0 on 03
area code when outside Japan)