What if my flight schedule changes?

NOTE:  You should choose a flight that arrives before 3:30 pm. Since flights are delayed sometimes, we suggest you plan to arrive as early in the day as you can.

NOTE:  One month before program start, you’ll receive information on airport pickup, housing and KCP contacts. Always keep KCP-USA & KCP-Japan contact information with you.

If you find out about a flight plan change well in advance, please email KCP-USA and KCP-Japan about the changes and if possible call both offices to describe the situation.

  • provide the new flight schedule (flight number, arrival date and time).
  • provide hostel/hotel contact information (if staying overnight).

If your flight plan changes due to bad weather, airline delays, and other conditions beyond your control, please tell us immediately.

For minor flight plan changes, we may still be able to pick you up at the airport, and we would like to do so if possible. However, you will likely have to hustle to get to the scheduled meeting location before the group typically leaves the airport. Please call KCP staff’s number and follow the directions for arriving at the Narita airport meeting point.

It usually takes 1 hour after arrival to go through immigration and customs. The last KCP student group typically leaves the airport around 4:30–5 pm. If you miss that cutoff, contact KCP right away. You will be instructed, either to take the airport shuttle bus to a meeting point, or to stay at the airport hotel (or a nearby hotel) until the next morning.  When you are up and ready to go, call us again for additional instructions.

If your flight changes its arrival day, we will email you the basic plan for your check-in. Depending on your housing location, we will provide directions on what transportation for you to take from the airport to our suggested meeting point.

If you are not staying in KCP-arranged housing, you won’t receive airport pickup.